Boosting cybersecurity skills

Welcome to the second edition of our project newsletter!

In the era of digital transformation and interconnectedness, the importance of cybersecurity has never been more important. As we navigate through the complex landscape of cyberspace, staying informed and vigilant is key to safeguarding not only our digital assets. That is also one of the result of the interviews we conducted in the first phase of CYRUS: awareness is key when it comes to cybersecurity!

In this newsletter you will learn more about the interview results, our project’s progress and the next event: a webinar with SURE 5.0 about risks and opportunities of VR and cybersecurity.

Happy reading and season’s greetings!

Your CYRUS team

CYRUS_Enhancing cybersecurity skills

Enhancing cybersecurity skills for a safer tomorrow

To get a better understanding of the cybersecurity risk awareness, competencies, skill gaps and training needs of the workforce, we interviewed representatives of 79 organisations. Learn more about the results in this article!

CYRUS Plenary meeting group picture

Project partners ramp up for pilot trainings

The first phase of the CYRUS project was dedicated to research and analysis of cybersecurity needs. In September 2023 this phase ended. In October, the project partners met to take stock: How did the project evolve? And what are the next steps?


Risks and opportunities of VR & cybersecurity

Join us for this webinar on 14 December! It highlights the critical functions virtual reality and cybersecurity perform in shaping a secure, efficient and resilient business environment – and CYRUS will be a part of it!

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