Webinar: Risks and opportunities of VR and cybersecurity

Thursday, 14 December, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

In today’s digital landscape, virtual reality (VR) and cybersecurity technologies emerge as cornerstones of innovation and security for companies worldwide.

VR technology revolutionises industrial operations, offering immersive experiences for training and safe heavy machinery operations. Concurrently, robust cybersecurity measures are paramount for manufacturing firms, safeguarding sensitive data and systems against evolving threats.

This webinar highlights the critical functions these technologies perform in shaping a secure, efficient and resilient business environment.


  • Introduction – Miriam Gangi, ANFIA
  • Safe Operation of Heavy Machinery through VR – Simone Pizzagalli, TALTECH
  • Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Companies – Alexander Kreppein, Fraunhofer IPT
  • Rethink Cybersecurity (and Cyber Risks) from the Human Element Point of View – Enrico Frumento, CYRUS
  • Q&A session

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