Securing the digital frontier

Empowering organizations with CYRUS

The rapid expansion of digital technology and the growing interconnectedness of various electronic devices have opened up numerous opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. However, in the eagerness to explore these new possibilities, the potential risks are often underestimated. Consequently, with this vast array of digital opportunities come even bigger hazards, particularly concerning data protection.

Cybersecurity, a term that has been gaining momentum in recent years, refers to the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks, unauthorized access, and potential damage. These kinds of challenges can affect almost anyone: individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments. Therefore, cybersecurity training is becoming a fundamental part of any organization, seeking to help employees protect themselves and their companies against cyberattacks and threats.

Capacity building through scenario-based learning

Training employees to be cyber secure and conscious online can be challenging. But it is essential for organizations to invest in such training to protect their digital assets and sensitive information. One of the ways to tackle this issue is scenario-based learning.

Scenario-based learning enables employees to identify cyber threats and determine the right actions to mitigate them. It is an instructional approach that involves presenting learners with real-life or simulated situations in which they must apply their knowledge and skills to make decisions, solve problems, or handle challenges they might encounter in their actual work environment or relevant contexts.

However, many organizational and economic limitations hinder companies, particularly SMEs, from effectively training their personnel. This problem is particularly relevant in the transport and manufacturing sectors, as these industries have efficiency constraints, thus their employees are not easily involved in long traditional training courses.

CYRUS explained

The CYRUS project proposes a novel training system to create an innovation DNA on cybersecurity for transport and manufacturing organizations. A complete set of skills and measures to be vigilant, to identify, and to respond to cyberattacks will be delivered within the project’s framework, which exploits innovative training implementation and delivery methods. Virtual simulations and work-based learning will allow timely and efficient course delivery, overcome the current hindrance, and raise interest in the awareness program and good practices.

Cybersecurity training paths will be customized for each role and organization and personalized according to the audience’s skills, know-how, and attitudes. The target group of the proposed training sessions is employees at all levels: new entrants building the required competencies and professionals and managers improving and upgrading their expertise.

Representatives from the transport and manufacturing sectors are welcome to get involved in the CYRUS project’s activities, thus building capacities and developing essential cybersecurity skills.

Author: Ugnè Masilionytè, Lithuanian Innovation Centre