Boosting cybersecurity skills

Welcome to the first edition of our project newsletter!

First of all, what is CYRUS about? CYRUS is an EU project dedicated to helping companies in transport and manufacturing combat cybersecurity threats and attacks. We, eleven project partners from nine EU countries, are currently working on creating personalised training and work-based learning as well as a training assessment methodology for cybersecurity.

Our goal: Enhancing cybersecurity skills.


Share your experiences!

We would like to share our latest research results and are interested in your feedback: We invite you to discuss our findings and share your experiences with us in focus groups. This helps us to tailor the trainings.


CYRUS goes social

Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest project activities and progress and learn more about cybersecurity. Furthermore, you gain insights into our work and can take a look behind the scenes.


Novel approach to cybersecurity training

CYRUS proposes a novel approach to cybersecurity training. Since July, the CYRUS website has been online to make information about the project publicly available.

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